Starting from the ground up

Harold's Excavating services is a Colorado-based company founded by Harold Amerin in 1994. With a dream of owning a company, a mind with determination, the support of his family and a few pieces of equipment, he set out to build a successful excavation company. 

Before long, dreams became a reality and he acquired valuable project experience, a large heavy equipment fleet, and a top-notch operating crew.


For the past two decades, we've partnered with contractors across the Front Range.  Our philosophy? We approach every project with integrity, client-focused planning, and quality service.

We take a comprehensive approach to excavation services. Instead of offering a quick fix, we discover the needs of our customers and anticipate how we can best support a long-term solution for every project.

Harolds Excavating1

We provide a wide-range of services for commercial, residential, industrial and a variety of complex projects. Our services include site developmentdemolitionearthworksite utilities and trucking capabilities.